Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday - woohoo! Planning ahead for this, I was a little bummed, because Tuesdays are, by all appearances, a sucky day to have a birthday (who planned that one?). My family lives out of town, so I wouldn't see them, my roommate works late on Tuesdays, and Jonny has night class. So, pretty much I didn't have any grand master plans for what to do for the day.

But apparently I am much more loved than I ever realized.

I decided I wanted to carve pumpkins, because that's what I used to do when I was little (the perks of having a day-before-a-holiday birthday). I was surprised when Jonny's roommates agreed to get together to do just that... including one who canceled other plans to hang out with me. Then my some other friends, and both my little brother and Jon's came too. It was a full-fledged party! Yay! And we got some pretty cool pumpkins out of the deal.

And that's just the center of the day. I woke up around 10:30 to about eight Facebook posts already, and they just kept pouring in all day. I got to talk to my roommate in the morning (working later means she also started later), my mom and dad called, and I talked to my grandma.

After eating a bit and putting my contacts in, I took my puppy for a walk along the state trail, and it was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. I got to visit my best friend from elementary school in her new home, and I got a free drink from Caribou, courtesy of Jonny's cousin.

After carving pumpkins, my roommate came over and we ordered pizza (which one of the guys paid for) and watched Cinderella in German... not because everyone spoke German, but because it made me happy. :-) Jonny even got home from class in time to watch the movie with us, and he got me roses (21 red ones, and two yellow), a French silk pie, and a very nice bottle of dessert wine. It was fabulous.

All in all, it turned out to be a very low-key, but very fun day. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. I love you all!


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