Friday, February 16, 2007

I hate being a girl...

There are definitely times I love being a girl. I love most things feminine.

Today is not one of those times.

I've been told all week that I could accompany my boyfriend this weekend to visit his aunt and uncle while he did some car work. I wasn't sure at first, but he assured me several times over that it would be fine and I was definitely welcome. So, I've grown pretty excited about it in the last few days. I turned down an event with my 8th grade girls (who I love very dearly) and arranged to have my dog taken care of for the night and was really genuinely just looking forward to going with him. Friday night is our date night anyway, so this one would just prove to be a little more interesting.

Fifteen minutes before we're supposed to leave, he calls and tells me it's not going to work out for me to come with him. He apologized profusely and really truly felt bad about it. It's really not that big of a deal... I just called my girls back and let them know I could come with them to the gymnastics meet and told my brother he didn't have to spend the night at my house with the dog. Easy fix.

But no... I'm a stupid girl. And I'm disappointed. And upset. Really upset. I'm crying. I'm lonely. And I'm miserable that I don't even get my normal date night now... at all. I know there's nothing I can do about it. I know it's not his fault... or anyone else's for that matter. But I'm a girl... and I'm stupid... and emotional... and I can't get over it just yet. It's going to be a long night at this rate.

I hate this.


I can completely relate (except for the boyfriend part...but if I had one that is probably exactly what I would do :-) )

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